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wild ones

Wild Ones launched in 2023 but it has been a vision stirring in Porcia's heart for over a decade. 

Wild Ones is a three-part sermon series that Porcia brings to your youth group to get them fired up to live boldly and wildly for Jesus. 

During week 1, she jumps right in and teaches students how to share the Gospel without being weird. 

Week 2 is a powerful teaching on freedom, with an opportunity for students to receive prayer for anything that is holding them back from living fully for God. 

Week 3 arms students with answers for the toughest questions of the faith that might arise as they're sharing Jesus. From, "Why does Hell exist?' to, "Is Alah God? and everything in between. Students will leave with answers for many of the common questions they might encounter when sharing their faith. 

Each week consists of a short teaching and some time for open Q & A. 

If your students could benefit from hearing from a seasoned evangelist, feel free to reach out to Porcia directly at 612-386-8890 or by email at

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