Porcia has been sharing her story for over ten years in many different settings: public schools, private schools, churches and chapels, conferences, camps, youth events and women’s events. If there is one thing she has mastered, it is the art of telling a story.

If you have a story to tell but aren’t sure where or how to get started, Porcia’s coaching program can help you take your message to the masses. In this program, she’ll coach you one-on-one in these areas:

– Crafting and Organizing your Message

– Defining your Target Audience

– Building a Speaker Website, OneSheet, Demo Video, and Fan Page

– Using Media to Enhance your Presentation

– Booking Process (How much to charge for speaking gigs)

– Marketing Strategy

– How to get Paid Speaking Gigs

– How to Write and Publish a Book (If you’re interested)

If you’re looking to share your story, and you want to learn how to make an income while making a massive impact, this coaching program is for you. Porcia will teach you the art and the business of stepping into your calling and sharing your story!